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Family Mediation Week Day 4: Learn to respect for the benefit of the children

Day 4 of Family Mediation Week’s theme is “the clouds are parting”.

Previously this week, as supporters of mediation and Family Mediation Week, we have focused on:

  • The mediation process
  • The substantial advantages compared to the court process
  • How children can become involved in the mediation process
  • How important it is for the children’s views to be heard
  • What children need to know when their parents are separating

Today, the Family Mediation website contains an article as to how mediation can help parties find clarity and break through any stalemate that may have risen and how separating couples can learn to respect one another especially for the benefit of their children.

Those children will remain part of the couple’s lives forever and parents need to find a way to communicate with one another, respect one another for the benefit of their children so they can find happiness and contentment as they grow up.

Also featured is “The Handover Book” to help parents communicate with one another as the children spend time with each of them. It is a useful resource.

Finally, there is another article explaining in a little bit more detail how financial matters are dealt with during the mediation.

Stowe Family Law supports mediation and is proud to support the initiative of Family Mediation Week. We have skilled and experienced mediators who can provide all the advantages which mediation offers. There contact details are below.

Sushma Kotecha, Nottingham Office, 0115 759 4534, [email protected]

Graham Coy, London Chancery Lane Office, 020 7421 3300, [email protected]

Gavin Scott, London Chancery Lane Office, 020 7421 3300, [email protected]

Graham was based at the firm's London family law office. His career as a family law specialist has spanned three decades. He is an experienced advocate, mediator and arbitrator who has worked in all areas of family law.

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  1. Christine Price says:

    Hi, my son is going through divorce I wondered If you have a guide to help the process I would like to order one please or a book as a guide you could suggest please.
    Hoping you can help. Kind regards.

    • Kate Nestor says:

      Hi, a good place to start is our divorce guide page: There is a PDF brochure at the bottom of the page that can be downloaded. Professional legal advice is always useful and most law firms will offer a free initial consultation. I would recommend this as all cases are individual. Hope this helps.

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