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At Stowe Family Law, we pride ourselves on our expertise in all aspects of divorce matters, including the online divorce process, court fees, reaching a financial settlement, making arrangements for children, the division of assets and more. 

Our specialist solicitors can help to ensure your divorce is as quick and affordable as possible. Our unique combination of care, support and professional service and advice means the majority of our divorce cases settle out of court. 

For more information on applying for a divorce online, contact Stowe Family Law, the largest specialist team of family lawyers in the UK, to begin the divorce at your own pace. 

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    Submit your details, and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation callback at a time to suit you. Please note that we cannot offer Legal aid.

    Online Divorce

    • How does online divorce work?

      An online divorce is the same as a divorce with any solicitor or a do-it-yourself divorce. Legally, our online divorce service is the same as other managed divorce services as it results in the dissolution of marriage and needs to be approved by a judge in a court of law. 

      Any other issues and arrangements such as money and your financial ties, arrangements for your children, property and the distribution of assets will be handled separately from your divorce application.

    • Can I get divorced online?

      It is possible to start divorce proceedings yourself online, and our experienced divorce solicitors at Stowe Family Law can offer support and advice throughout the entire divorce process. 

      You can divorce your partner for the following reasons:

      • You have been married for over 12 months
      • Your relationship has permanently broken down 
      • Your marriage is legal in the UK (including same-sex marriage)
    • How do I apply for a divorce online?

      You might be wondering how to apply for divorce online. To begin the online divorce process, contact our specialist divorce team today for a consultation. We’ll take you through every step of the proceedings, ensure that you understand every aspect of the divorce and are confident in your decisions. Start your divorce online with family law solicitors today.

    • How do I file for divorce?

      Accessing our online divorce services has never been easier. Contact our specialist team to begin legal procedures and file for divorce in England or Wales.

    • What do you need for a divorce?

      Before you apply for a divorce online, you will need a few details. These include the full name and address of your husband or wife, your original marriage certificate or a certified copy, and proof of your name change if you changed it since your marriage. 

      Your divorce form will be sent to your spouse via post or online if you provide their email address to the courts.

    • How long does an online divorce take?

      In England and Wales, the average time for divorce, whether you hire a divorce lawyer or apply for a divorce online, takes around six months. 

      Within the whole process, there are two waiting periods. The 20-week cooling-off period applies after the court has issued the application and before the conditional order can be granted. There is then a six-week waiting period until you can apply for a legally binding court order. 

      To ensure the divorce isn’t any slower, you should complete the necessary forms as accurately as possible, respond to the courts quickly and efficiently and ensure that your ex-partner knows you’re filing for divorce.

    • How much does an online divorce cost?

      When you apply for a divorce, you’ll need to pay a court fee of £593. Our expert divorce lawyers are also available to offer legal advice and support tailored to your circumstances for an affordable rate or fixed fee option. The average cost of an online divorce with a solicitor acting is around £750-1,000 plus VAT.

      However, if there are arrangements regarding money and children to resolve, solicitor costs will vary depending on the complexity of the case and whether additional court proceedings are required.

    • What is the cheapest way to divorce in the UK?

      In England and Wales, the cheapest way to divorce is to avoid the legal fees of expensive solicitors and begin the proceedings yourself with our online service. Get in touch with Stowe Family Law today and we’ll show you how to get a cheap divorce online with our expert team of family lawyers.

    • What is the quickest way to divorce in the UK?

      Divorce is rarely straightforward and without stress. However, If you hope to divorce quickly, you must be prepared with all the necessary information. Our stress-free service and divorce lawyers mean you can begin the proceedings the same day.

    • Can you get divorced without going to court?

      When you choose Stowe Family Law to support you in your divorce, making a court appearance is unlikely to be necessary. Our unique, collaborative and holistic approach and professional service mean that over 80% of our divorce cases settle out of court. 

      The key to avoiding court is cooperation and clear negotiation between the two parties via our experienced lawyers, mediation, arbitration or collaborative law.

    • Do I need a solicitor for a divorce?

      The support of an experienced solicitor during a divorce can help relieve you of the stress of divorce, save time handling forms, navigate any nasty surprises and reach an agreement regarding finances that considers yours and your family’s unique circumstances. Check out our Online Divorce vs Divorce Lawyer page.

      Fill out our form today or request a free callback to discuss how our service can help.

    • Are online divorce services reliable?

      As an online divorce provider, we offer a reliable service that allows you to begin the process of divorce online. When you choose Stowe Family Law, you’ll have the largest team of divorce lawyers in England by your side. You can check out some of out Online Divorce Reviews to see what our clients had to say on Trustpilot.

      Is Online Divorce a Good Idea? When compared to other high street solicitors, we’ve got over 40 years of experience and specialist support teams, including a dedicated children’s department, an adoption team, an international family law department, surrogacy law specialists, trained mediators and leading UK divorce lawyers.

    • Are online divorce papers legal?

      Applying for a divorce online is legal and involves the same process as any other type of divorce, including managed divorce services and other legal divorce services. The first of the divorce papers you’ll need to complete and submit is a D8 Divorce Petition form which can be done by post or online.

    • What is a divorce petition?

      A divorce petition is required to begin the proceedings and must be completed if you are applying to the court for a divorce. The Form D8 Divorce Petition is required to apply for a divorce in the UK or to dissolve a civil partnership.

    • Which online divorce service is the best in the UK?

      At Stowe Family Law, we offer online divorce services, legal support and affordable legal fees. We’re not the only online divorce provider, but we are the only national law firm dedicated to family matters and have an 80-plus strong team of leading divorce lawyers.

    • What is a consent order?

      A consent order confirms your agreement and makes your divorce legally binding once approved by the court. It also outlines how pensions, property, savings and investments will be divided. The legal document may also include details on child maintenance payments.

    • What is a consent order fee?

      Once you’ve drafted a consent order and both you and your spouse agree and have signed it with a statement of information form, you’ll need to send the signed form and copies to the court handling your case. The consent order fee is currently £53. 

      Please note you or your ex-partner will also need to fill in a notice of application for a financial order.

    • Can you divorce without financial settlement?

      Reaching a financial settlement or agreement is an essential part of divorce as it regulates how the money and assets will be divided post-separation. The financial settlement can be reached at any time of the divorce. However, the court only has the power to approve a final order (financial remedy consent order) when the conditional order or divorce has been pronounced.

    • What does decree nisi mean?

      A decree nisi is the term previously used for a conditional order. A conditional order is a legal document that confirms that the court does not see any reason to disapprove of your divorce and is required before you apply for a final order. You must wait for at least 20 weeks after your divorce application before applying for a conditional order.

    • What does decree absolute mean?

      A decree absolute is the term previously used for a final order. A final order is the final legal document required if you’re getting a divorce and confirms that you are legally divorced. You must wait for at least 6 weeks and 1 day after your conditional order has been granted before applying for a final order. If you’re ending a civil partnership, you’ll also need a final order to dissolve the relationship.

    • Can I receive free solicitor advice on divorce?

      At Stowe Family Law, we offer free expert lawyers advice to help you choose the best way to navigate your divorce and take some of the stress out of the proceedings. We’re happy to discuss our service, legal fees and your next steps. 

      Contact our experienced team online, call 0330 191 5067, or request a free callback.

    • What is the UK divorce process? A step-by-step guide

      In the UK, divorce is in four stages. 

      1. First, complete a free divorce application (D8). You and your spouse only need to make one application between you in either a joint application (together) or a sole application. 
      2. Next, submit the application to a divorce centre online or by post. The current court fee is £593. 
      3. You’ll then apply for a conditional order once your spouse has acknowledged the divorce and after a 20-week cooling off period. 
      4. Apply for a final order after six weeks of receiving the conditional order.

      Please be aware that a divorce does not end the financial relationship between you and your wife or husband. You must also reach a financial settlement regarding any financial claims and the distribution of your wealth and assets. 

      Other arrangements such as the care of your children will also need to be handled separately from the divorce.


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