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Hope through divorce: Stowe launches workshop to help parents going through a divorce

January 14, 2019

Whatever your story, we all need support with the emotional fallout from a relationship breakdown. Divorce and separation are extremely stressful times for all those involved. Parenting through a separation and divorce can be challenging and stressful.

But there are tools and strategies that you can use to empower yourself to face the challenges head-on and help you, and your children cope better, whatever your break-up throws at you.

To help, Stowe Family Law in Bristol has partnered with Claire Black Divorce Coach and Parenting Success to run workshops offering advice and guidance to Mums and Dads who are thinking about or going through a separation.

The first session, on 31 January 2019, will look at communicating successfully with your ex – often a source of stress and conflict.

The session will include looking at:

Types and ways of communication

What sorts of communication might work for you, keeping communication clean and fair, understanding what you can control and letting go of the rest

Handling your emotions so you can respond rather than react

Understanding and dialling down your emotional reactions, avoiding overwhelm, using effective communication methods, ways to help your children handle their emotions

Reducing conflict

Understanding patterns of conflict and considering what you can do to help reduce conflict and communicate with your ex more effectively. Preparing for those challenging conversations and establishing supportive boundaries

Developing a new relationship with your ex

Helping you to develop a new, different relationship with your ex to enable you to co-parent better and raise children together, albeit separately.

This is an opportunity to meet with a small group of other parents also going through divorce, in a safe and nurturing environment, with the common goal of supporting each other to move forward positively.

Held at the Stowe Family Law office at Queen Square in Bristol, the workshops are available for Mums on Thursday 31 January from 10am -1pm and for Dads from 2pm – 5pm.

Sessions will be run for Mums and Dads separately – you can book online below.

Separated Mum’s Group and Separated Dad’s Group


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