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Stowe Family Law supports National Family Law Survey

September 6, 2019

Stowe Family Law is supporting a national family law survey with Only Mums & Dads, a not-for-profit social enterprise supporting families through separation. 

The survey is designed to collect data from both family law professionals and people who have been through the process to inform how family law can work in the future. 

Calls for the family law system to be improved to better meet the needs of families have been heard for over a decade.  Through a direct approach to families and professionals, the survey will provide an authoritative view of what the public considers the priority areas for change. 

The survey draws on some of the issues outlined in the government’s consultation paper “A Review of the Child Arrangements Programme with additional areas from people who have gone through a separation. All responses will be presented to the government in a final report. 

Deadline is 23 September 2019.

You can complete the survey here.


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