Adultery: is your spouse cheating?

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June 18, 2013

Is your spouse cheating?

UK divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe may have the answer. Calling on three decades of experience in family law, Stowe penned a piece Monday for the Daily Mail in which she listed her top 11 signs a man is cheating.

One tell-tale sign? He suggests taking separate vacations. According to Stowe, he may be trying to get you out of the house in order to have time alone with his mistress.

“He is so busy at work that he cannot take time off. But you and the kids should go; you can even take your parents and he’ll pay,” she writes. “While you’re away he won’t have to rush those illicit meetings with his lover.”

And beware if he frequently mentions a female colleague in conversation.

“Subconsciously he’s comparing her with you,” she writes. “And it gives him a feeling of power: ‘I’m so clever/powerful that I can drop the name of my mistress into conversation and not get found out.'”

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