Relationship breakdown: beware of social media

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June 14, 2012

Pitfalls of ‘divorce by Twitter&rrsquo;

Marilyn Stowe

Social media sites can be dangerous places to visit when marriages fall apart – and family lawyers urge caution

Last week Ben Goldsmith exposed his marital breakdown in all its rawness for the world to see, firing insults and accusations at his estranged wife Kate over Twitter. “How about focusing on her devastated children?” he tweeted, after she hired a PR agency to “fix her reputation”.

He also posted a link to a newspaper story about her alleged extramarital dalliance. The couple later issued a joint statement expressing regret that “things have been said in public which should have been kept private”, but not before their private lives had been raked over by the media and the social network’s users.

Marilyn Stowe is the senior partner at Stowe Family Law…


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