Amicable arrangements about childcare in the Mail

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November 25, 2013

‘I lost my children because I have a career’ 

Divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe points out that the majority of divorcing couples reach amicable arrangements about childcare and the issue often never reaches court. She adds, ‘It’s only when this fails that the court will decide. The court could make a shared residence order (shared custody), which means the children will live with both parents, and the court will determine how much time the children spend with each parent based on what’s best for the children. If the higher earner works longer hours, they can find their parenting time limited. The courts might decide to give residence just to one parent, with contact (access) to the other parent. The court will only consider the situation in the best interest of the child and will order accordingly. The best situation is for parents to agree what will happen without court intervention.’

You can read the full article here


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