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Wills & inheritance disputes

A valid Will is legally binding but in some circumstances, it can be contested. 

Perhaps you believe you have been left out of a Will unfairly, that the Will is incorrect, you haven’t been left as much as you need or it has been unevenly shared amongst the beneficiaries. In some of these cases, you will be able to contest the Will.

Our specialist team are experienced in the complexities faced by families and individuals dealing with a Wills & inheritance dispute, be it contesting or defending. 

Who can contest a Will

A Will & inheritance can be contested by a range of people (or organisations)  including: 

  • Direct family members (children/ grandchildren)
  • Individuals promised an inheritance
  • Individuals  who had an inheritance in a former version of the Will 
  • Individuals who have been disinherited 
  • Individuals who were financially dependent on the deceased

Grounds to contesting a Will & inheritance

  • The will-maker was not of sound mind when they made their Will
  • The Will was not signed according to the law 
  • The will-maker did not understand or know what was in their Will 
  • The Will is unclear or has mistakes/errors within it
  • Where the Will wasn’t made by the person named on it, but rather by someone else pretending to be them.
  • The will-maker was put under significant pressure to make a Will or change their existing will.
  • The will-maker was tricked into someone into changing their will.

Further reasons on why to contest a Will and inheritance can be found here.

How we can help

It is important that you seek legal advice immediately as Wills & inheritance disputes are a complex area of law. 

We are able to provide sound, practical and timely legal advice on complex cases involving disputed trusts, disputed wills, or where there are disputes between trustees and beneficiaries.

All of our Wills & inheritance team are members of The Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

They are located across our UK offices.

Contesting a Will services

Specialist advice on claims against an estate for reasonable financial provision to be made for a disappointed beneficiary.

Resolving issues around the interpretation of a Will particularly if it contains errors or is unclear. This can be common in Wills not written by a solicitor. 

Problems with estate administration including the removal of an executor 

Acting for executors to defend claims against an estate

Disputes involving lasting power of attorney

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