Poll suggests gay marriage support could cost Tories votes

Family|News | 21 Nov 2012 3

Voters are turning away from the Tories because of the party’s support of gay marriage, according to a new poll by ComRes. The findings also suggest that people see the Prime Minister’s support as no more than an attempt to look ‘trendy’.

The ComRes poll found that 62 per cent of voters and 68 per cent of Conservatives still do not support gay marriage. The survey also states that 65% feel that Cameron’s plan to legalise same-sex marriage is not a matter of conviction, but ‘more to do with trying to make the Conservative Party look trendy and modern’.

18 per cent of voters said they are less likely to vote Tory over this issue, while only seven per cent say they are more likely to back the Conservatives. 25 per cent of voters say the issue of gay marriage could sway their vote.
The numbers are still more significant for people who voted Tory at the last election. 36 per cent of such voters say the Conservative stance on gay marriage makes them less likely to vote for the party at the next election.
Just 23 per cent of voters in the poll agree that backing gay marriage will help the Tories win the next election, while 40 per cent disagree.

George Osborne has called for that gay marriage to be at the centre of Tory policy in order to achieve election success. Critics have said he should concentrate on economic issues.

However, a majority of the 2000 voters surveyed do believe that  legalizing gay marriage is important, thinking that the distinction between civil partnerships and weddings worsens public attitudes towards gay people.

All three party leaders have said they will support the introduction of gay marriage legislation before the next election.

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    1. JamesB says:

      Yet another example of the ‘Westminster bubble’. Politicians need to connect with the public better. The church are also struggling a bit on the same subject. I must admit to a degree of respect for the Catholics when arguing against condoms in Africa, similar type of debate.

    2. JamesB says:

      To add to the above, the Catholic church seems to be doing well and is the biggest religion in the world, perhaps David Cameron et al could and should take a leaf from their (Holy) book.

    3. JamesB says:

      Personally I don’t really care about gay marriage, was more talking about women in the church, but a hazard on these forums is to have a view on everything and I am not sure I do, I know the Westminster Bubble exists though, I experienced that when I went to my MP about the CSA and family court, as soon as I said I was a NRP and wanted to talk about these two things a glazed look came over his eyes and the conversation was effectively over.

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