Polish man fleeing child support payments found hiding under floorboards

Children|Divorce|News|February 28th 2013

A fugitive Polish father who dug a secret tunnel under the floorboards of his home in Pruszków to escape the police was caught after sneezing during a raid on his home.

Darius Olewski was on the run from police after racking up tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid child support, the Croatian Times reports.. In order to escape the police, he dug a six foot tunnel underneath a table in his hall, covered the entrance with a matching panel, and retreated to the hole whenever the police came by to arrest him.

But his secret was discovered when officers searching his home heard the sneeze.

A policeman recalled:

“At first we couldn’t work out where it came from. Then we heard another one and realised it was coming from right under our feet. After a bit of tapping and testing we found a hollow spot and he was down there covered in cobwebs Maybe if he’d dusted more often he’d still be on the run.”

Photo of Pruszków by Hiuppo via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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