US sports star denies wife’s steroid allegations in bitter child custody hearing

Children|Divorce|Family Law|March 12th 2013

Former American football and baseball player Deion Sanders has denied allegations of being a steroid user by his estranged wife in divorce and child custody proceedings.

The pair are in court to determine residence arrangements for their three children. Sanders served Pilar Biggers-Sanders with divorce papers in September 2011 but then denied they were separating. The US sports star then admitted in December 2011 that the divorce was going ahead.

In the child custody hearing Mrs Biggers-Sanders alleged that the athlete used steroids, presenting the jury with a photograph of anabolic steroids in the Sanders’ bathroom.

The former Dallas Cowboys player reportedly stormed out of the courtroom when it was suggested he used these drugs which are banned in sports. He later stated that the steroids belonged to his wife. Mr Sanders spoke of his reaction after the hearing:

“I got up and walked out of the courtroom, and I think my response was ‘Oh my God!  I wasn’t upset by any means, but just dumbfounded…”

CBS news also reported Mrs Biggers-Sanders’ claims that Mr Sanders kept an Uzi submachine gun in the bathroom, in plain view of their children.

Mrs Pilar-Biggers is Mr Sanders’ second wife. He was previously married to Carolyn Chambers, with whom he had two children.

Mr Sanders was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011 and is currently an analyst for the National Football League television network.

The jury are expected to deliberate and reach a decision later this week.


Photo of Deion Sanders (left) and baseball coach Mike Martin by Michael J. Cargill via Flickr under a creative commons license

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