Half a million more children ‘will live in poverty by 2015’

Family|News | 28 Jun 2013 3

More than half a million more children will find themselves below the breadline by 2015, the Children’s Commissioner for England has  warned.

At least three million UK children will be living in poverty by 2015, the Commissioner’s office claimed –  a substantial 600,000 more than the current figure. The current government’s spending cuts and benefit changes have the greatest effect on children with families., who are an average of £41.07 a week worse off.

Families with children make up around 32 per cent the population but will bear more than 50 per cent of the cuts, the report claims. They have lost almost twice as much income as those without offspring. Single parents alone have lost an average 7.8 per cent of their income.

The ongoing cuts mean the government has breached policy commitments to reducing child poverty according to the report, entitled Child Rights Impact Assessment of Budget Decisions: including the 2013 Budget.

Alison Garnham is Chief Executive of charity the Child Poverty Action Group. She said:

“A spending plan with a long term vision for Britain would have the wellbeing and development of our children at the heart of it, whereas the Coalition’s strategy has been to put families at the frontline of austerity. When millions of British children are left to grow up in poverty, everyone’s future prosperity suffers.”

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    1. Lukey says:

      The problem is that we cannot evaluate anything from this.

      They are not talking about poverty in reality they are talking about the poor and they are basing ‘poverty’ on a % of average household income.
      So if the average household income went down a child could quite possibly be lifted out of ‘poverty’ even though their household income actually declined !

      These soundbites are ridiculous.

    2. Paul says:

      I am sure Gingerbread et al will come into its own in standing up for these poor families, not doubt suitably guided by the wisdom of social policy professors who espouse the single parent model and lifestyle and who have done so much to bring about these numbers.

    3. Dana says:

      I am amazed that £46 billion pounds is spent annually on Child Protection & keeping kids in care when so many other UK children are living in poverty. Poverty is a catalyst for kids going into care so should be a priority. There is also no good reason why so many of the 69,000 should be in care when there is a viable alternative. The NCCPR website shows the results of the largest research study ever carried out regarding Foster Care vs Keeping Families Together. ‘ The Evidence Is In’ shows kids are better off at home with the least intervention from social workers!

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