Court grants divorce to woman who has not heard from her husband in eight years

Divorce|News|July 9th 2013

Jing'an ShanghaiA family court in Shanghai has granted a divorce to a local woman who has not seen her foreign husband for eight years.

The Jing’an District People’s Court heard that the couple had no contact since 2005 and had never consummated their relationship. The wife, called Fang Min, had met the husband more than a decade previously. He was from New Zealand and 16 years older than her, the Global Times reports. The couple married in October 2003 and the man returned to New Zealand shortly afterwards. He had promised to help her get a visa and they wrote to each other for a period, before eventually losing touch in 2005.

The husband did not respond to a subpoena issued by the divorce court. Fang Min’s marriage was ended on the grounds that the couple had had no contact for several years.

Court press officer Li  Hongguang said such marriages were not uncommon in the region. He told the Global Times:

“Both sides have their reasons to get married. The foreigners want to try something fresh, while the Chinese women want to go abroad.”

Photo of Jing’an by Baycrest via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA-2.5)

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