Ex-wife of former Italian PM must repay €36m

Divorce|September 17th 2014

The ex-wife of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been ordered to repay €36 million by the courts.

Veronica Lario was told by an Italian court that she had been “overpaid” since an earlier divorce settlement had been ordered.

Initially, she awarded a huge divorce settlement following her split from Berlusconi. The former Prime Minister had to pay her €3 million per month in maintenance, which he blamed on “feminist and communist judges”. He appealed the award and it was halved to €1.4 million.

Ms Lario then appealed that decision, which resulted in a compromise figure of €2 million per month to be paid.

However, the Italian court still ordered that she repay the money she had received which exceeded the new maintenance agreement.

In the three years since the divorce, Lario has been paid approximately €108 million by Berlusconi, who is a billionaire businessman in addition to serving as Prime Minister of Italy three times. He has an estimated net worth of $7.7 billion but was convicted of tax fraud in 2013 and lost his seat in the Italian Senate.

Berlusconi and Lario married in 1990 and had three children together. She filed for divorce in 2009 after allegations of various infidelities were publicly made against her high profile husband.

Photo of Silvio Berlusconi courtesy of Downing Street via Flickr

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