Same sex politics in the US mid-term elections

Marriage|October 17th 2014

A Senator from Arkansas who is running for a second term of office in the US mid-term elections is at the centre of controversy regarding his views on same sex marriage.

After the senator publicly expressed opposition to same sex marriage in the southern state, a member of his campaign team was filmed on a hidden camera saying that the 51 year-old Democrat was actually in favour .

The undercover investigator, from an organisation with Republican sympathies, attended a fundraising event, posing as a gay man considering a donation to the senator. There an activist told him that the investigator that the senator was in fact “not against” gay marriage, but it was a topic his team could not talk about.

Perhaps because of Arkansas predominantly conservative electorate Senator Pryor is unusually one of only three Democrats in the Senate who oppose laws in favour of same sex relationships; the others being Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Meanwhile, Pryor’s political opponent, Republican representative Tom Cotton, told a KHBS, a local TV station in May: “I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.” In contrast many states have legislated in favour of same-sex marriage.

According to recent polls, Senator Pryor is behind his political opponent by 4.4 percent. The election is less than three weeks’ away, probably leaving little room for manoeuvre to come out and say what he really thinks?

Photo by Brandonrush via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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