Child abuse guidance is ‘too long’

Family Law|May 4th 2017

Government guidelines on dealing with child abuse and neglect are too long and unlikely to be effective, senior social workers have claimed.

The draft guidelines were produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), a independent advisory body within the Department of Health, following a project launched in 2014.

Both the Department of Health and the Department for Education have endorsed the guidelines and want them to made mandatory for all professionals working with vulnerable children from Septmember this year.

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) represents the heads of child protection departments at councils around the country. They say the guidelines, in their current form, are simply too wordy to be practical, at 581 pages  with supplementary annexes.  In addition, despite its length the guidance lacks nuance insists the ADCS, and does not properly consider environmental influences.

“Some of the behavioural indicators of neglect seem overly simplistic and leave little room for the consideration of factors outside of the parent/carer’s immediate control, for example poor-quality housing, insecure employment and benefit sanctions.”

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  1. Andrew says:

    Are these guidelines online in some format allowing a word count?

    When that great Report into the Iraq War was published (you know, the one which is now gathering the dust) I found that it was longer than the Bible, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, and War and Peace put together. This is not as bad that but who is going to consult a tome like that, online or in print?

  2. Sam says:

    The amount of children being removed from parent and family members,is OTT,when you contact the directors of the children’s services. He sends letters saying it can’t be investigated, when you are reporting serious questions as to why when a child needed medical treatment why was it denied? Also a lot of templates are used by social workers. When you go online you can’t make head or tail of who else to contact. So then people look further and are horrified when they find certain things they wish they had never come across. Social service was set up supposedly for a reason many years ago,but there going with the cheapest option possible and quickest and in the process causing more harm than they could have imagined. Leaving scars and wondering what the hell went wrong and how did it happen and was it actually legal,? And I’ve been reading many of things like this recently. Particularly the site where care workers/social workers have not declared they had a criminal record a serious breach.. was suspended for 3 years. Another administration of drugs (controlled) in a care home and was found to be not qualified. There are very serious issues in the social service/care section with regards to the abuse and no criminal proceedings. Why is this being allowed to happen. There wasting millions of pounds in court proceedings and when you have 27 cases listed for 1 day some serious questions needs to be asked as the parent/families walk out devastated. They shut down all there contact centres …look at the 400+ plus private companies also adopting the local authorities children out. Some comments will give you nightmares. This is another form of abuse yet again over 900 tests can be carried out to make sure they have a healthy child and nothing is wrong with the child. These are all facts and when you approach these directors who seem to be shipped around the uk in a whole more questioning needs to be done especially when linking up the council who was recently done for the abuse on children while in the system. Scotland has done the same putting in new documents for children’s services and wales. Only finding out there was a amendment this year to lesser time in family courts. There’s no room for mistakes when it comes to children, they must always be a high priority,and if proper funding is not available maybe everyone should be asking why is being allowed to happen when millions are being wasted of tax payers money by the local authorities themselves and legal representation for them. They pay ISW and then there sat next to local authorities in courts? There supposed to be independent,there not ment to be getting out of taxis on every hearing wasting more money,when only 5/10 minutes walk carrying only a handbag? Who’s paying for the fares I’m sure it will be on the bill somewhere, and social workers making out there doing so many hours work and traveling to see the child and claiming the money.. which then found to be dishonest and didn’t match up and was suspended for 3 years again no criminal prosecution (receiving money by deception) falsely claiming money she knew she had not done the work for? So now because they want less papers in files,and producing less work for them, another load of papers to be abandoned and not taking learning nothing. I suppose with the agenda they have at the moment why would they want all the paperwork? A child is for life not the rubber stamp of 18 years, abuse is something that doesn’t go away,it’s there for life,that’s the scars you carry. People look at trying to somehow reform what’s been allowed to happen and clearly still cutting corners and looking for the easy option which is deeply saddening for the children of today (what’s left) and future generations. There’s only so much awareness that can be raised about children abuse and the children that need the help the most vulnerable ones are being ignored and always have been, and always will be.
    (*Edited by the moderators)

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