West Midlands Council praised by Ofsted

Children|July 10th 2017

A local authority in the West Midlands has been praised by government inspectorate Ofsted for a range of improvements to its child protection services.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council was in danger of losing responsibility for child protection altogether after inspectors dubbed its performance ‘inadequate’ last spring. But now they believe “positive progress” has been made.

Following a series of recent visits, Ofsted has highlighted better support for social workers employed by the Council. They now receive weekly meetings with management and have lower caseloads to contend with, allowing them to devote more time to each child. The inspectors also singled out efforts to ensure that the views of the children themselves are better taken into account regarding long term foster placements.

In a letter to the department, Ofsted wrote:

“There is a shared and determined commitment to improving services for children in Dudley. Social workers and managers are very proud of their work. They speak highly of the vision of senior managers, who have established a culture of positivity and, most importantly, a culture of ‘can do and will do’, in which the needs of children are paramount.”

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  1. Paul says:

    Number of times you hear of OFSTED giving bad report. Then turning it round by next inspection. Its a joke. Bet their is a brown envelope culture going on. Remember when OFSTED came while we were at school. Teachers would sweep everything under the carpet. Literally drop everything then back to same old chaos after the inspection. Utter box ticking madness.

    • dr. manhattan62 says:

      i agree Paul,
      there is a lot of that shenanigans going on for shure.
      Ofsted are on the way!… lets get cleaned up, flowers in the plant pots and put on a nice big smile for the inspectors!.
      as soon as they are gone its business as usual.

  2. dr. manhattan62 says:

    “The inspectors also singled out efforts to ensure that the views of the children themselves are better taken into account regarding long term foster placements.”

    Now this is where Ofsted are failing children in the care system of LAs.
    they should be making shure the wishes and feelings of all LA looked after children and those placed on a SGO are obtained by independent Advocates such as NYAS etc via the childs school and not the placement.
    this will hopefully ensure that false statements from social workers and carers supposedly coming from children are stopped.
    Local Authorities have been operating like Dictatorships where all information and decisions are kept under wraps from outside scrutiny. this corrupt culture must end if the safeguarding of these children is ever to be taken seriously as it should.

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