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Government wants to postpone CSA closure

The government has announced plans to extend the planned closure of the Child Support Agency.

The timed shutdown of the notorious government agency began in 2012 following the introduction of successor organisation the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), with open cases being gradually transferred to the new body. This process was due for completion at the end of this year.

However, the government now wants to extend the shutdown programme for a further year, to December 31 2018, and has launched an open consultation on the proposal.

The CMS claims the transition has been delayed by staffing shortages and time-consuming policy changes, such as the introduction of universal credit.

You can read more here. The deadline for responses is September 13.

Photo by Allison via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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  1. Andy says:

    This begs the question of accountability..Aliso the big question is typical staff shortages blamed again and this only hides incompatancies throughout the agency..
    I pity the paying NRP in all this as they take up all the costs in ever changing policy…
    As with all Government departments morale and no one gives a shit…
    They only take and employ idiots who can’t get a job somewhere else..Also paying just above job seekers allowance…Haha..who pays the kicked in the teeth, the paying parent…perhaps Mr Bolch wishes to make comment on such issues..He could even take charge of the organisation and put motion forward to increase NRP payments..As clearly supportive of such mother groups…

  2. Paul says:

    CSA and CMS are just a rebranding exorcise. No staff have changed at all. Its the same bunch of cxxts rolling out a new system. Its the least desirable DWP possition. It will please you all to know that they hate it. I used to work within the same building. All the addresses they give you like Falkirk ect are a load of rubbish. Goes to a mailing center where its redirected. They work from the job centre buildings.
    It comes as no surprise that this long failing and disterous department are on course to miss another deadline. Especially their closure.
    Ding dong the witch is dead. Praise the lord. Only a matter of time before new system fails. Its unworkable. Without DEO orders they are useless.

  3. dead beat dad says:

    the cms based in Newcastle are trying to close cases down using old csa threats, DEO, Passport seizure, Imprisonment but i can assure you that if yours is a clerical case, they won’t have your file, a lot of the information has not been passed onto them, and they will stall because if you can get it to ICE stage, they have no supporting evidence, challenge them, write every week, let them sink in complaints

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