Controversial social worker scheme dropped

Children|August 17th 2017

Plans to increase collaboration between court guardians and social workers have been dropped following concerns that they may encourage collusion.

The scheme was outlined in February by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) and Cafcass, with the suggestion that it might speed up care proceedings and cut unnecessary court appearances, amidst concerns about rising demand and resulting delay.

But the plans drew criticism from Nagalro, which represents children’s guardians, as well as the National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers. These represent children’s interests during the care process.

Nagalro said the plans, if implemented, would undermine the statutory independence of children’s guardians.

They claimed greater collaboration could lead to collusion, a lack of oversight and even the inappropriate removals of children into care. In response, the plans, referred to as a ‘protocol’, were dropped.

In a joint statement the ADCS and Cafcass declared:

“The agreement … about how local authorities and Cafcass can work effectively in a set of care proceedings and pre-proceedings was developed with the intention of improving the standard of social work and tackling delays in the family court. The document was never intended to undermine the independence of children’s guardians, nor was it intended to shut out parents or their representatives from due process within proceedings.”

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  1. unknown says:

    Absolutely .
    I have just experienced 2 years of lies backed up with evidence from what was supposed to be
    a guardian to the children. The court puts too much weight on these lying individuals, and it is about
    time something was done about it . I will not rest until I am in court, with my evidence
    that negligence was rife, and they had a duty of care to tell the truth .
    I never want this happening to another party ever again.
    I can’t imagine what would be the state of the system if this bill had been passed! my god they are already self serving liars as it is. I know most parents say that that lose, but I won my case . This does not take away the fact that they have a duty of care and they are allowed to lie and lie with no re-dress until final hearing. Meanwhile the judge still listens to them even after complaints with evidence .
    The system is a white wash ! and I am going to make it my goal to make a change ! 2 years of threatening section 37 reports because of their lies . Absolutely needs reforms and I am shocked at how this country allows this to happen with evidence of perjury . Not allowing this bill, is the first good thing I have read In child proceedings for a very very long time

    • N says:

      You are very right, government have cut disability allowance, child tax and much in fact cut should only be to these evil services.
      I am also a victim of these evil services, they destroyed my son’s future by removing him from my care.
      I am still fighting for my son, but the damage theses social services and judgment from family court judge have done to us, we can never recover from it.

      I had no experience of social services and judges before but I am shocked how the law works in UK.

      O my God, these family court and Socail services and cafcass are leaving victims in the community which is not good for the country,. Government have to take an urgent action against these public bodies, who are damaging public, in ten years time this country will be full of victims by social services and Gaurdain family court, justice is suffering in this country I never know that. This country is the worst country in the world, worse than Pakistan. This country abuse public behind the big wall and never let victims speak up for their rights, my son have been removed from my care and I have been Banned to talk about the abuse my son and I have suffered.

      I could not believe what they have done to us.

      It’s like someone beats you up to death and say, don’t you dare to scream.

      • Dr manhattan says:

        you are absolutely right.
        it is a Scandal of Epic proportions yet the Govt have no interest in looking into it. thats because Tony Blair started the the cash incentives scheme back 20 yrs ago which has now turned into full scale corruption. Adoption & Fostering is bigger than ever before and its still growing.
        its a Frankenstein Monster out of control but nobody knows how to stop it. or should i say nobody wants to because its generating millions of pounds and keeping thousands of people in a job. its a very large swamp indeed.

  2. Dr manhattan says:

    “Plans to increase collaboration between court guardians and social workers have been dropped following concerns that they may encourage collusion.”
    Dont know what planet these people are living on but Collusion has been going on for many years. Justice Pauffley exposed it in 2014.

  3. Paul says:

    Collussion is alive and well. I presented a first hand witness statement which stated the social worker on my case had lied underoath on a previous case. Miss repressented the wishes of children on a previous case.
    The S7 report was still accepted. The court swept it under the bed for him an even commented that the found him to be a exemplary witness.
    Collution is riffe.

  4. CB says:

    I agree with all above comments, and what we all have in common that suffer from injustice from the family courts WE ARE ALL NON CATHOLIC

  5. TA says:

    Birds of a feather comes to mind.

  6. JamesB says:

    There is a dodgy industry here built on putting children into care being a success.

    When I had my younger son, my wife and I faced a barrage of abusive and personal questions from the health visitor. Had I told her it was none of her business, I am fairly certain the child would have been put on an at risk list.

    Children belong to their parents more than they belong to the government. The criteria for at risk should not be to make up the numbers, but if there is serious risk, there is an issue here with people in the industry getting off on the power and abuse of power. Perhaps we have swung from not enough intervention to too much following baby p and the like. Government asking me why I felt I had to have a multi racial relationship I felt was pushing it and in retrospect I should have wrote a letter of complaint. Mixed race children blow the liberal establishment educated elites minds, like backing boys in education and men in divorce, does not compute, they really need to get out more as is important job.

    Its political correctness gone mad.

  7. JamesB says:

    They (she) really did ask how and why we met and I really should have told her to f off. These roles should be more representative of the communities they serve and not be so rude with stupid questions and rules. Its political correctness gone mad that they are not.

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