Ofsted calls for relationship education

Family|September 20th 2017

Lessons in what constitutes healthy relationships should be a greater priority for schools, Ofsted has concluded.

Working with the Care Quality Commission, HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Ofsted examines the damaging experiences of children who have suffered domestic abuse in a new report. Amongst other examples, it cites the disruption caused to their education, quoting a parent saying:

“For kids, it is daunting. They come into a refuge, move schools and move again, and move schools again.”

Classroom education on the dynamics of a healthy relationship should be given greater prominence Ofsted suggest, claiming that various forms of domestic abuse now account for as much as ten per cent of all crimes.

“Education for children about healthy relationships is already part of the curriculum, but it is often not part of the curriculum that is prioritised by schools.”

The organisation acknowledge the complexity of domestic abuse cases, which are frequently fuelled by substance abuse, but insists that the welfare of any children involved should be the overriding priority.

“A failure to adequately focus on the experiences and needs of children means there is a high risk that the emotional and mental impact of domestic abuse will go unaddressed. Children and young people who have lived with domestic violence for several years frequently experience intense feelings of responsibility, guilt, anger and a sense of despair and powerlessness over their lives.”

Read the report here.

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  1. Paul says:

    10% of all recorded crime. Jesus help us. Femanazi haulcaust. They are having their cake and eating it.
    People don’t even bother phoning drug crime in anymore because the police don’t do anything about it. The drug dealers of our community can work earning a tax free living completly care free. As an former security guard I could give you a list of 20-30 people now. But its not worth the hastle you would get for doing the right thing. Because the police would not protect you from the fallout. Thanks to the end of legal aid drug dealers are now the only people who can pay for the services of Solicitors with used notes. Ever wonder why drug dealers sem to get let off so regularly ? Are get a slap on the wrist ?
    The police are too busy issuing PIN an HIN notices or NON MOLS to blokes who have probably done absolutly nothing.
    Fathers trying to see their kids an been stopped by unhinged women.
    So 10% of all recorded crime is police stopping men from been part of their kids life.
    This is not what I pay tax for. This is not what I pay police officers to do.

    • Cameron Paterson says:

      That ten per cent would include, of course, cases of actual domestic violence, by whichever gender

      • Paul says:

        Not from the evidence ive seen it doesn’t. Be interesting to see how many of this 10% were involved in family law disputes at the time. From the accounts ive read. I’d estimate less than 1-2% that is genuine.
        We know that is true because of the spike on DV claims when legal aid became free.
        We know for a fact lots of these claims are not true.
        For every 10 of these blokes targeted. Bet there is only one genuine case.
        DV happens. That makes it all ok then ? For all those men stopped from been a father on the ‘balance of probabilities’.
        I would not wish DV on anyone.
        But because DV happens is not justification for family courts to make rediculous judgements without evidence and bypass a mans presumption of innocence.

        • Cameron Paterson says:

          You seemed to be suggesting that crimes of domestic violence are just a big ole soufflé of false allegations but it really does happen and can be pretty hair-raising when it does. Of course, genuine cases don’t false allegations or parental alienation okay. It’s also worth remembering that it’s not unknown – albeit uncommon – for women to be charged with domestic violence against men. We’ve written about the issue on here more than once to raise awareness, for example, here.
          Here are two other pretty awful cases which (if memory serves) we didn’t cover.

          • Stitchedup says:

            Paul has clearly acknowledged Domestic Violence does occur and has also acknowledged it is abhorrent. The point he’s making is quite simple really Cameron, in many cases, si called domestic violence crimes do not involve any genuine domestic violence. Bundled in with this figure you will have harmless breaches of dodgy non mols, absurd claims of domestic abuse e.g. He doesn’t listen to me, self defence on the part of the man whereby he has been forced to restrain a woman but in the process left finger marks on her arm, etc etc. . Domestic violence does not mean battery anymore, and is actually an inflationary term for the so called crimes that have occurred and doesn’t truly represent the nature of the offence. Very often the sentence handed down is also over inflated and does not truly represent the nature of the offence which is wholly against the principles and values of our once admirable justice system. It’s feminist politics played out in the court rooms and our prisons and society in general are having to pick up the pieces. Children can be immensely damaged by seeing a father convicted for doing sod all and the heavy handed approach by the police and the courts towards normal family conflict and disputes just make things worst in many cases.Solicitors also have to take their of the blame for this, encouraging false allegations of domestic abuse to secure legal aid and too get the upper hand in court…. We all know it happens Cameron just like we all know genuine DV happens.

      • Stitchedup says:

        That 10% Cameron will include harmless breaches of non mols secured on the basis of no evidence of genuine domestic violence whatsoever. It’s a fake crime in many if not most cases.

  2. Paul says:

    What makes a ‘Healthy relationship’ is a subject which would take a long LONG time to debate.
    How can we be sure Ofstead or anyone else for that matter has the correct answers to that question.
    Try posing that question to a class room of people from mixed races and faiths. Lol

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