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Successful & compassionate divorce lawyers in Reading

The team in Reading is led by Managing Partner & Head of Thames Valley, Amanda Phillips-Wylds, a highly experienced and well-regarded family lawyer. She is joined by a number of expert family law solicitors.

We are highly experienced in the complexities faced by families and individuals dealing with a family law issue. We frequently work on cases to resolve complex financial matters with multiple assets and protect the welfare of any children involved.

Our clients range from high-net-worth families with substantial assets, income and investments through to professional families and stay at home parents in the Reading area.

Reading family law solicitor – side by side

We listen to your unique circumstances and help you to find a workable solution for your family’s well being. Our holistic approach supports achieving out-of-court settlements, but we appreciate that at times, litigation is appropriate, and we adopt a strong and robust strategy.

We tailor our approach and legal advice to the unique needs of each client. We guide you through the practical, emotional and legal aspects of divorce (and other types of separation), from the very start of the divorce process and over the finish line.

While our divorce solicitors have a reputation for being expert litigators, court proceedings can add unnecessary time, expense and stress to a divorce or separation.  We offer out of court (alternative dispute resolution) routes: mediation, arbitration and collaborative law, which allow each spouse to find solutions and reach agreements on finances, any children involved and other family issues.  In addition to supporting our clients through the legal side of divorce, we always apply an empathetic approach and encourage reaching out to our network of family support professionals if needed.  This includes including coaches, therapists and parenting groups.

Your family’s finances – family law solicitors Reading

Our in-house accounting team will provide a clear picture of the assets in your marriage to create the optimum financial settlement. They have a breadth of specialist experience in high-net-worth divorce, tax, property, valuations, accounts and pension knowledge.

International family law in Reading

Stowe Family Law also covers international family law cases from our Reading office. If you need to discuss issues pertaining to international family law, then please get in touch today.

Our team of Reading family lawyers

Amanda Phillips-Wylds
I advise on all aspects of family law and can assist both married and unmarried families g...
Managing Partner and Head of Thames Valley
Gemma Davison
A trained Mediator and Collaborative lawyer, I work on all areas of family law including f...
Senior Associate, Thames Valley & Head of Oxford
Jason Lazard
Jason joined Stowe Family Law’s Reading team as a Senior Associate in September 2021.
Senior Associate, Thames Valley
Emily Beven
Emily joined Stowe Family Law’s Reading office as a Solicitor in November 2021.
Solicitor, Thames Valley
Monika Gill
Monika joined Stowe Family Law’s Reading team as a Solicitor in 2022.
Solicitor, Reading
Elisabetta Morgan
Elisabetta is the Regional Team Leader for the London and South East managing a team of Le...
Regional Team Leader (London and South East)
Tania Orr
Tania joined our Reading team as a Legal Assistant in 2022.
Legal Assistant, Thames Valley

If you are looking to get divorced or separated our family law services are here to help

Legally ending a relationship is a key life decision that is not taken lightly.  For most people, it is the only remaining course of action following considerable time and effort trying to save a marriage.  Whether you want to start the divorce process or have received divorce papers (called a divorce petition) from your spouse, our divorce solicitors give expert divorce advice in a language you will understand.  They do so with compassion and empathy.

The divorce process is probably new to you.  Many aspects will feel unfamiliar, such as archaic legal jargon and the many forms that will need filling out and posting.  The divorce process often causes confusion and frustration, instead of providing much-needed clarity.  Our solicitors take great care in delivering that clarity as well as guidance on the emotional, legal and practical challenges ahead.

After understanding your situation and goals, we will explain how things are likely to play out.  We will present alternative options where appropriate, to help you achieve the result you need.

What our clients say

Visiting our family law solicitors in Reading

Suite 27, The Blade
Abbey Square

Our office is in The Blade building in Abbey Square, situated in the city centre just a short 5-10 minute walk from the train station.

There is parking at the train station and an NCP on Garrard Street (5-minute walk).

Our phone lines are open from 8:30am – 7pm, Monday to Friday.
And 9am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Understanding what you're going through

  • Making family law easier to grasp

  • Helping to take the strain

  • Tailoring our services for you and your circumstances

More about us – divorce solicitors Reading

  • Non-confrontational approach

    Our divorce solicitors are members of Resolution, an organisation that promotes a non-confrontational based family law approach for divorce.  In our experience, resolving family disputes without confrontation provides better outcomes for families and also reduces the possibility of an acrimonious divorce in court, which can slow the process and increase costs.  Where possible we will encourage and facilitate dialogue between both parties so that at least basic arrangements can be agreed for family finances and children.

    We also offer mediation, which is a process conducted by one of our qualified mediators to help both parties reach a compromise on any sticking points.  These points are usually children and finance related.  We offer mediation to help encourage openness and willingness to communicate.  Two alternatives to divorce mediation are collaborative law and divorce arbitration – you can read more about all three here and your solicitor can explain further.

    We understand that sometimes it is not possible to reach agreements without going to court and having a Family Court judge decide.  We are expert litigators with an excellent track record in court.

  • Family finances and divorce settlements

    Every family is unique, and family finances are no exception.  Unpicking years of shared finances can be a daunting and difficult task.  Complex assets often need examining such as property, shares and trusts, in the UK and sometimes overseas. Financial settlements (known as ‘divorce settlements’) cover all of the above and of course the family home and pensions, investments.  What each of you owned before getting married also needs to be understood.  Getting specialist help with your finances is crucial in protecting your future, which includes ensuring you can continue to provide for your family after divorce.

    With decades of experience in dealing with complex financial matters, including estates, inherited wealth and assets abroad, our lawyers and forensic accountants can protect your assets and achieve a fair settlement.

  • Prenuptial agreements

    While typically viewed as pessimistic, prenuptial agreements offer peace of mind by clarifying how assets, wealth and the overall estate will be dealt with in the event of a divorce.  Recent case law has given prenup’s more weighting in divorce proceedings (a few years ago they were less effective).  Our prenup lawyers are experts on what can be included in a prenup and how they should be set out and signed – all of which impacts their effectiveness if the worst should come to pass.

    It is also possible to draft an agreement after marriage – unsurprisingly called a postnuptial agreement.

    If you are interested in protecting your assets and finances with a marital agreement, book in a consultation with our family law team using the button below.

  • Civil partnership dissolution

    Deciding to end a civil partnership can feel like a scary and ‘final’ step. Unlike the concept of divorce, the path to dissolving a civil partnership can seem much less clear to some people.

    Divorce for a civil partnership is known as dissolution and can only be instigated after being in the partnership for a year or more. The same arrangements need to be made as in a divorce, including child custody (child arrangements order) and the sharing of assets. Our civil partnership solicitors can provide practical guidance through the civil partnership dissolution process and help you to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Cohabitation solicitors

    If living with someone in an unmarried relationship you may have questioned or wondered about what may happen if the relationship ends.  Our cohabitation solicitors can help you to address this by drawing up a cohabitation agreement, to set out what will happen in the event of death or separation.  Otherwise known as a cohabitation “contract”, the legally binding document gives peace of mind that should the worst happen, everything is set out in black and white.

    A cohabitation agreement is legally binding so long as it has been agreed to by both parties and has been drawn up and signed properly.

  • Why choose Stowe Family Law solicitors in Reading?

    Our family law solicitors in Reading have decades of experience and have attracted more positive feedback from clients than any other Stowe office.  They also have access to hundreds of years of expertise from our family law teams across the country.

    Due to our client-centric approach, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners have recognised our commitment to outstanding client service and client success.

    Our family lawyers are members of Resolution and are therefore dedicated to taking a non-conflictive approach to help maintain family bonds while achieving a positive outcome.

    Clients frequently rate our compassion, empathy, explaining the ‘hard facts’ and clear guidance they need to move forward with their case, and their lives. If you are interested in what our clients think about Stowe and our approach, watch our video here.

    We’re the UK’s largest family law specialist, delivering tailored service and expertise, locally to you.

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