Billionaire’s wife claims prenup is invalid

Divorce|September 5th 2014

The wife of an American hedge-fund billionaire is claiming that the prenuptial agreement she signed is “unconscionable” and should be declared invalid.

Anne Dias Griffin said in a court filing that she was coerced into signing the prenup by future husband Kenneth Griffin only hours before the wedding rehearsal dinner.

The filing described the agreement as “substantively unconscionable, given the enormous disparity between the parties’ respective assets, income and earning capacities”.

Dias Griffin also alleged that the prenup caused intense arguments between the couple in the lead up to their 2003 wedding. She went on to say that he had become “angry, violent and intimidating” during the course of these arguments and had broken a piece of furniture.

Kenneth Griffin’s assets are believed to be worth more than $5 billion. Anne Dias Griffin’s court filing says that he acquired “substantial” assets during the course of their marriage. She claims that the prenup would deprive her of her rights and leave her with an estate worth roughly one per cent of her husband’s.

Lawyers representing Mr Griffin in Chicago have called his wife’s claims “salacious and simply untrue”.

Kenneth Griffin left the family home in 2012, while his wife was pregnant with their third child. She claimed that she did not find out about the divorce filing until it was reported in the media.

Dias Griffin is also seeking full custody of the couple’s three children with visitation rights for their father.

There was a similar case in England this year, where the High Court decided to set aside a prenuptial agreement in a multi-million pound divorce dispute.

Photo of Chicago, IL by edward stojakovic via Flickr

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  1. Luke says:

    I’ve got an idea – if you don’t like the prenup that your prospective spouse is insisting that you sign then don’t sign it and don’t get married.
    The End.

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