Children would ‘give up Christmas presents’ for parents

Family|December 4th 2016

Almost half of children would give up their Christmas presents if their parents did not have one.

In a recent survey of 1,000 children between five and eight years old, 49 per cent said they would be willing to sacrifice their own gifts for the sake of their parents.

When asked what present their parents needed most, a majority of children said a holiday. Meanwhile 25 per cent said the best gift for their mothers and fathers would be more time to play with them.

They were also asked who in their family deserved presents the most. While only 26 per cent said themselves, as many as 43 per cent said their mother was the most deserving of a gift at Christmas time. Fathers and siblings, on the other hand, each scored just 11 per cent of the vote.

Grandparents and pets were both as deserving of presents as each other in the eyes of the participants, with three per cent naming them above other family members. Aunts and uncles only received one per cent of children’s support.

The survey was conducted by deal website Groupon, who also polled 1,000 parents about how much money they spend at Christmas. On average, parents said they put £277 towards presents for their children out of about £646 on the festive season as a whole.

Children’s estimations of how much Christmas cost their families were not too far off as they guessed that their parents spent £595 in total. They slightly overestimated how much money was used to buy their presents, with an average guess of £395.

Earlier this year a survey of more than 1,000 British children found that as many as a third worry about their family’s finances, with ten per cent saying they do so “often”.

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  1. Aaron Knox says:

    My 4yo daughter said she doesn’t want Santa to bring any presents this year because she’s still got the ones he brought last year. Score!

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