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We are unique amongst family law firms, as we have an in-house team of forensic accountants that can quickly be called upon to assist in your case. They can add support where a professional accountant’s scrutiny is required. Such circumstances can include business valuations and tax liabilities or where you need support tracking down any assets that may have been hidden by an estranged or former partner. They can also act as an expert witness in court proceedings.

Financial issues can be complex and you may not feel confident that you have a complete picture or understanding of your situation and potential outcomes. That’s why it’s so important to seek expert advice and guidance. We have offices throughout the UK.

Our commitment to you

We will support and guide you throughout your case, so that you can be confident of achieving the outcome you want for your family.  We want to make you feel like you’re our only client.

Why Stowe Family Law

Family law is all we do, so whatever your situation is it will be familiar to us. Our UK-wide team combines expertise with exceptional care and empathy delivered locally to you. 

Our solicitors are highly experienced in all divorce related financial matters

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